Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival kicks off in Johor Bharu


The remarkable Johor Bahru Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival is about to begin this Sunday at the Tan Hiok Nee Cultural Street in Johor Bharu.
The Johor Bahru Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival initiated by Johor Bahru Tiong-Hua Association is a brand name for the festival and this year with the support
of the 26 organisations, the lantern festival is celebrated from August 28 to September 25 , for approximately a month in different schools, temples, chinese clan associations, complexes and residential community centres.
The JB Mid-Autumn lantern festival is supported by Johor Tourism Department and was included in the Johor Tourism Calendar to attract tourist to visit Johor and Malaysia.

This year the grand lighting ceremony will take place at Tan Hiok Nee Cultural street and series of exciting and interesting chinese performance will be performed including lions dances, art exhibitions and wushu performances.

For the whole month, the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival will be celebrated at the Johor Ancient Temple, Southern College, Sutera Mall, KSL shopping Complex, Teochew Association, Hokkien association, Wisma Tiong-Hua and many other places around Johor Bahru.

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