“Keling” and “Cinabeng” included in biggest edition of Kamus Dewan

The collection of words for a dictionary is  based on common and popular usage. Thus it  includes derogatory terms such as “keling” and “cinabeng”, in the latest edition of Kamus Dewan.

The Dewan Bahasa Pustaka (DBP) Lexicography Head, Ratna Irizah Mohd Asri said that the reasoning behind the inclusion of these words is to let the public know of it existence rather than for racial discriminatory purposes, during  the recent launch of newly publish Kamus Dewan 4th Edition.

This popular dictionary which has been published since 1970, carrying 30,000 words, has grown with the rapid changes in the world to 82,900 words.

In this new edition, common Chinese-based words such as “Taici”, “Fengsyui’, “Kopitiam”, “Hakka”, and “Taikun”  have been included.

New common words also include you, gosip, ehem, makwe, tomyam and e-mel. Short forms including YBhg, YM, YB and YAB, SMS and MMS can also be found in the new edition.

Short form for public universities such as UM, UUM, UTM and USM were also included for public reference.

Those interested, may visit www.dbp.gov.my