Do you have British roots?

Do you have a great grandfather from Scotland? A great great grandmother from Wales? Or a Great Uncle from England? Want to be given a free trip to Great Britain?

A British TV company is making an exciting new TV show featuring British families and their long lost overseas relatives. Dragonfly TV wants to hear from exciting individuals from Malaysia who would like to travel to Great Britain, on a free trip, to meet the long lost relatives they never knew existed.

The new show is called ‘Guess the Relative’ and it’s a, fun, entertaining and huge new TV show. We want to speak to people who think they may have a distant British ancestor and perhaps even living UK relatives who they’ve never even met.

Successful applicants to the show will have their family history researched by world leading experts – who will trace their living British relatives.

In the programme you could get to travel to Britain on an all expenses paid trip to live with the British family and experience British culture.

For your chance to take part, and to take part in this incredible trip, visit the website or email [email protected]