Woman’s scream scares off thieves

The shouts and screams of Mariam Abdul Rahim rescued her from falling prey  to thieves in Kampung Kubang Panjang recently.

Mariam was in the kitchen attending to the dishes after breaking fast with her family, when she noticed a man at her goat pen just meters away from her home.   “He was behaving suspiciously and it looked as if he was rounding up the goats outside the pen. That’s when I shouted” she said.

When the man heard her shouts, he jumped into a car, believed to be a Proton Saga, where his partner was in the driver’s seat ready  to speed off. “The car was waiting just in front of my house, I thought it was a neighbour’s car” said Mariam.

Mariam alerted the villagers to help each other keep a watchful eye on any unbecoming activities. “The authorities must look into this matter and do something to prevent this from repeating. If the thief is still free, our livestock are not safe”. “More worrying is if they (the thieves) become bolder and come in our homes, our safety is a great concern” said Mariam.