Conversations on the constitution: Keeping the faith under the constitution

Conversations on the Constitution: Keeping the Faith under the Constitution
: 16 August 2011 (Tuesday)

Venue: Eaglepoint, No. 2, Jalan Rajawali 3, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong

Time: 8 – 10pm

Aston Philip Paiva (Advocate & Solicitor)

Nizam Bashir (Advocate & Solicitor)

Edmund Bon (Advocate & Solicitor, Founder of LoyarBurok and Campaigner with UndiMsia)

Joanne Leong (Co-Deputy Chairperson, Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee)


The Constitution and You


Syahredzan Johan (Chairperson, Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee)
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The Federal Constitution is the “rule-book” or manual for Malaysia, and preserves the central pillars of democratic governance. It is the supreme law of the country. However, the Constitution in its current form is not “user-friendly”, and unlike many other nations with written constitutions, the Constitution does not form a comprehensive part of the education curriculum in Malaysia.

All Malaysians need to be informed in order to consider for themselves whether positions taken on the Constitution can be upheld and accepted. They must also be armed with an understanding of the rights and limits of the institutions of government and the rights and limits of every Malaysian. The Constitution belongs to every Malaysian, and every Malaysian is a beneficiary of its promise of constitutionalism and democratic governance.

One of the fundamental liberties enshrined and protected by the Constitution is our freedom of religion. Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guarantees every person has the right to profess or practise his/her religion and to propagate it. Yet are there limits to our freedom of religion? Can the State curtail freedom of religion for other interests? We see many examples of the restrictions placed on the practise of religion. Are these restrictions constitutional? How have the various pillars of governance – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – upheld our religious freedom?

How do we keep the Faith under the Constitution?

8.00 – Welcoming speeches

8.15 – Conversations on the Constitution: Keeping the Faith under the Constitution

9.15 – Q & A session

9.45 – The Constitution & You