Foreigners cause anti-social activities, says Malaysian don

The presence of illegal immigrants in the country, besides burdening the government in terms of management and costs, also has a negative social impact on the local community, said a social expert.

Director of the Social Institute of Malaysia (ISM), Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Fadzil Che Din said the influx of illegal immigrants had resulted in anti-social activities, like crime.

Many cases of murder, robbery, house-breaking and theft involved illegal immigrants, the latest involving the arrest of eight Bangladeshi men over the murder of an Indonesian woman whose body was found chopped into 15 pieces, and her five-year-old son at Apartment Astaria, Taman Kosas, Ampang.

The mushrooming of massage parlours using the service of foreign women is also worrying as their clients also include youths.

“The illegal immigrants are also involved in unhealthy activities like vagrancy. They also bring values, including on religion, which are controversial,” said Mohamed Fadzil.

He said the government’s move in implementing the amnesty programme, also known as 6P, for illegal immigrants since Aug 1 was apt.

“But it also involves expenses for their detention and deportation. I agree with the Home Ministry, particularly the Immigration Department, in implementing the 6P programme which will address some of the social problems,” he added.

According to the Home Ministry, 1,548,798 foreign workers, including illegal immigrants, had registered under the programme as of Aug 8.

– Bernama