Resolve maintenance and upkeep of flats

Local community leaders are at many a times at a loss trying to resolve problems related to the repairs and maintenance of low cost flats in their respective areas more so when they are confronted in a situation where the relevant authorities starts passing the buck.

It is high time that the Housing and Local Authority Ministry starts reviewing and initiate necessary amendments to the existing laws pertaining to the proper management of low cost flats to avoid many of the unnecessary problems which have been surfacing now and then, said Tay Chin Hien, chairman of the Senai district co-ordination committee.

Currently many of the flats repair and maintenance problems remain unresolved, he said, adding that without an effective and systematic management, many old and aged flats will be saddled with lots of unresolved up-keeping and maintenance problems.

Each year, flat owners are required to pay the annual property assessment tax  to the local authority and a monthly flat maintenance fee to the residents committee.

It is also being reported that they are some flat owners who refused to pay the monthly flat maintenance fee resulting in the residents committee having insufficient funds to carry out proper repairs and maintenance work.

Tay suggested that the annual property assessment tax for flat owners be increased and to abolish the monthly flat maintenance fee which is collected by the residents committee.

Adding, he said, with the increase in the annual property assessment tax, managing the flats will be more organised, systematic and effective.

He further made an assurance that the district co-ordination committee will assist the flat dwellers of Block A, Taman Handal Flat in absorbing the cost to resolve the month long clogged drain problem in their area as the flat concern does not have a resident committee to look into the problem.

Meanwhile, Senai district councillor, Chang Sim Men, commented that the clogged drain was the result of indiscriminate disposing of rubbish by the residents in the area.