JB General Hospital : Blood shortage in fasting month

In light of the regular low turnout of blood donations during Ramadan, a senior officer from Hospital Sultan Tun Aminah in Johor has urged the public to donate more blood during the fasting month.

The hospital’s Blood Bank Senior Medical Officer Dr Firdaus was speaking to Komunitikini during a blood donation campaign held at the Johor Ancient Temple Foundation Committee recently.

HSTA has been actively promoting blood donation activities almost on daily basis as it prepares to store blood ahead of the festive season.

“The blood has been donated so far can last for a maximum of 42 days, and the hospital needs new blood to prepare for patients and accident victims for the coming Merdeka and Hari Raya festivities,” he said.

The hospital welcomes people with a weight of 45kg and above and adequate sleeping hours of more than 5 hours to donate blood. Potential donors however are advised not to take any form of medication before donating blood.

However women are not encouraged to donate blood seven days before and after their menstruation period.

Public who are interested to donate blood in Johor Bahru may contact Jabatan Tabung Darah of Hospital Sultanah Tun Aminah at 07-225 7237 for further details.