Cleanliness takes center stage in Pandamaran village poll

Almost all candidates standing in the Pandamaran village chief election are unanimous that cleanliness is the biggest problem facing the new village.

Incumbent Yap Hock Siew says he has requested the placement of a construction bin at Lorong Petai to tackle indiscriminate rubbish dumping.

“My idea was to let Alam Flora collect the garbage once a week but it was turned down by the Klang Municipal Council,” the number one candidate said.

He added that Lorong Kopi and Jalan Papan also faced the similar problem.

“If I am elected again, I will continue to pursue cleanliness for the village,” he said at the nomination center yesterday.

Number two candidates Yap Kim Huat also agreed that Jalan Papan faces severe garbage woes.

Tee Kim Huat, the number three candidate, noted that metal scrap recycling centers are prevalent in Pandamaran, and contributed to the woes.

“Some of these centers are in unhygienic conditions which has led to AEDES outbreaks in the past,” he (left) said.

Number five candidate Tan Yu Tiam, who is a hygiene supervisor of Pandamaran market, believes that his track record will give him an advantage.

“Pandamaran is the second biggest new village in the country, with the big population, comes the big amount of garbage,”

“It takes time to solve the woes wholesomely,” he added.

“But if villagers think I have done a good job in the wet market, they will vote for me,” he said.

The controversial number four candidate Tee Boon Hock also takes cleanliness and house conversion as priority tasks to solve if he is elected.

Meanwhile number six candidate Low See Mee, who only decided to stand the day before the nomination, said she has yet to decide on her strategy.

“I hope my participation in the poll will encourage more women to come out and have a stake in politics,”

“For now, I reserve my comment on (the biggest problem facing Pandamaran),” she told reporters.