Health director-general: Practice healthy eating during Ramadan

Muslims must make the month of Ramadan benefical to them and their families by observing a healthy lifestyle.

Health director-general Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman said to avoid diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer, they must practise healthy eating, be physically active and not smoke.

In terms of daily calory need, he said men must have intake of about 2,000 calories and women, 1,800 calories.

“Make a habit of drinking plain water and limit the intake of sweet cordial drinks,” he said in a statement today.

He suggested that Muslims perform Maghrib prayers before taking the main course in breaking fast to ease digestion of food.

He also advised Muslims to plan their purchases before going to the Ramadan bazaars to avoid wastage.

“Ensure that the main course has vegetables and buy at least two vegetable dishes every day. Make fish your first choice over chicken or beef as a source of protein,” he said.

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– Bernama