Pontian residents have put up with four years of garbage

For four long years, residents along Jalan Kukup Laut to Seri Hilir, Pontian, have been putting up with the stench  and problems caused by illegal garbage dumping  in the area.

Kamsiah Harun, 46, a resident in the affected area said, the local authority has not initiated any effective measures to resolve the problem.

“The accumulated garbage dumped at the site has turned in to a favourite feasting ground for a flock of crows,” she said.

She alleged that most of the garbage dumping was committed by the neighbouring Air Masin and Kukup chalet and resort operators and not by the local residents.

She added that Kukup has seen rapid development in the last few years and many chalets and resorts have sprung up to cater to the demand — but the thought of having a proper solid waste disposal site was never given due consideration.

“The garbage thrown at the illegal dumping site is left to accumulate for a period of time before the district council arranges to clear the mess but the illegal garbage dumping cycle keeps repeating without a proper solution,” said Kamsiah.

She said, even though there is a sign put up to warn the public not to throw their garbage at the site by the district council, the problem persists.

“The scenery along the affected area has turned unsightly and affected the image of the locality,” she added, noting that when there is a gust of strong wind, the whole area will be strewn with rubbish, including along the road shoulders and into a nearby stream.

Meanwhile, the head of the Pontian district council, Miswan Yunus said, the council will direct the appointed waste disposal contractor, Southern Waste Management,  to resolve the issue soon.

The district council is well aware of the long standing problem and will take more appropriate action once the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 (Act 672) comes into force by either this August or September, he added.