“Student was not bleeding, imprint only ink from red pen”

SK Puchong Jaya school authorities today refuted the notion that its Standard Four student Timothy Deeran Shegar was poked until he bled by his teacher, claiming the said teacher only pressed the student’s forehead with a pen’s top cap.

A reliable source from the school claimed that Shegar was disturbing his classmates in a Malay language class conducted by Islahuddin Ibrahim, who was marking students’ work.

“The teacher called him out, scolded him and pressed a red pen’s top cap on his forehead,” he said as he recounted the Monday incident.

“He did not bleed, it was merely an imprint of red ink,” he continued.

The source also claimed Islahuddin has verbally apologized to the student’s parents when they came to the school on Tuesday morning.

“He already said it might be a mistake from him and apologised, but we can’t just issue an apology letter as we please because it is forbidden by our school policy,” he said.

Shegar’s parents sought Human Rights Party’s assistance yesterday on the alleged abuse by Islahuddin, stating that the teacher poked Shegar’s forehead until he bled and scratched the tip of the pen near to his left eye for not completing an essay.

Shegar’s mother, Bibi Yanem Suppiah Anthony, claimed that the school refused to issue an apology letter.

The mother has since lodged a police report.

“Just a small matter”

However, the school authorities rebuked the parents as being egoistic and refused to admit their child’s mistake.

“They threatened the teacher to apologise but they did not wish to admit their child has disciplinary problems,”

“The child was moved from another school; he has always been a problematic student,” the source alleged.

He also said this is only a tiny matter (sedikit saja benda itu) which is outweighed by many other important tasks.

When asked the solution to this dispute, the source said he will engage various stakeholders, including the parents, to resolve the matter carefully.