Police appeal for public information on gunman


The Police is appealing to the public for help to nab a gunman who stopped a bus in the Ranau District in Sabah and fired two shots from a pistol.

The gunman was angry because an express bus had overtaken him. The unidentified man then fired two gunshots into the air in front of the bus driver and 43 passengers on a journey to Semporna from Kota Kinabalu, last Friday.

The man and his two companions were heading in the same direction as the bus, in a black Toyota Fortuner when the bus driver overtook them at around 4pm.

District police chief, DSP Abd Rahman Kassim, said the irate man then chased the bus and ordered the driver to stop.

“After confronting the 37-year-old bus driver, he went back to his vehicle and pulled out a weapon, believed to be a pistol, and fired two shots into the air.

“The man then left the scene with his companions, a man and a woman,” he said.

Abd Rahman said initial investigation believed the weapon to be an Automatic Colt Pistol after a WIN 380 bullet shell was found at the scene.

“Police are still investigating the case and are trying to identify the suspect and his accomplice.

“We urge the public with any information to come forward to assist in our investigation,” he said.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 39 of the Firearms Act 1960.