Good Vibes make many fans a happy camper

Good Vibes Festival Kuala Lumpur 1

Future Sound Asia hosted its first ever Good Vibes music festival this past weekend at Sepang Go Cart Circuit.

The festival delivered on the good vibes with good food and good music.

Future Sound Asia definitely made a splash on Malaysia’s music scene by bringing in headlining acts: Modest Mouse, Japandroids, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Upon entering the festival there was a mixed crowd with kids, parents, and young people mingling throughout the festival ground. Malaysia’s hipsters definitely came out to play. And they weren’t alone.

Stylish young Malaysians were invited to expand and explore style at the Chic Vibes section curated by Chic Yamada. Very cool and very hip the Chic Vibes section evolved from a partnership between Good Vibes and Tongue and Chic. Independent brands like White RabbitKL, Lilac Box, and FabSpy were present.

Colorful tie dye leaf installations decorated the grounds and once the sun set they lit up setting up a psychedelic atmosphere. From the start and until the very end the great food was served up by some of KL’s unique boutique food vendors like: Potong Artisan Pops, savory burgers from Botak Burger and fries absolutely to die for from Thyme Out Food Truck (these fries were covered in pico, melted cheese, and ground meat, so good lah).

Despite the huge names at the festival the audience was pretty mellow and the crowds though large were perfect. No shoving or pushing, just good vibes. It was great to see local acts like The Impatient Sisters and Liyanna Fizzy take the stage.

Good Vibes Festival Kuala Lumpur

Their music set the tone from the beginning for have a great festival experience.

One of the attractions aside from the acts was definitely Star Club. Almost an adult sized jungle gym, the club was for adults +18. Upon entering it was a huge structure with two levels of scaffolding that dancers and festival goers could climb to and dance on.

The club DJ sets infused with top 40 pop, dubstep, and techno. An island of party people, it was definitely a draw for a less mellow more party atmosphere.

Another interesting sight was also the silent discotech. Participants were given headphones that played music. So as the music played  the participants were dancing, bopping, shuffling to what seemed to the average outsider silence.  A neat import to KL.

good vibes

However, the crowds definitely pooled at the end of the night for Japandroids and Modest Mouse.

Modest Mouse completely delivered playing the evergreen crowd pleaser “Float on”. Idle festival goers all of sudden got up to dance and laugh as the song played.

The piece de resistance was definitely Smashing Pumpkins the headlining band. The entire festival converged as they took stage.

At the end you could definitely tell that festival goers were leaving on a high note with smiles and laughs.

MyTeksi was also a partnered with the festival hooking people with safe rides home after their revelry. Unlike other festivals with the pushing, shoving and dehydrated daze Good Vibes was a welcome event to relax and enjoy the day.