Ban on entertainment outlets during Ramadan lifted with condition

The Kedah state government has decided to lift the ban on entertainment places in the state during the month of Ramadan with conditions. The state government had decided to enforced this ban based on the Entertainment and Entertainment Places Enactment 1997, ironically passed by the Umno state government of the time with little public knowledge.

Kedah chief minister, Azizan Abdul Razak said that the decision was made in consideration of the 300 entertainment outlets operators in the state, who had complied to the ban and risked action being taken against them including the risk of  business licenses being revoked, if they were found to have allowed Muslims to patronise their outlets during the fasting month.

Azizan had earlier announced that the enactment would be fully enforced this Ramadan but the move received widespread protests from MCA and Gerakan as well as DAP.

Pas President, Abdul Hadi blamed the media for  reporting inaccuracies which resulted in non-Muslims protesting the move by the Kedah government ordering all entertainment outlets in the state to be close during Ramadan, as stipulated by the Entertainment and Entertainment Places Enactment 1997.

The issue was reported as having been resolved following the agreement between the state government and the entertainment outlet operators that business goes on as usual with condition that Muslims are not allowed to patronised their outlets during Ramadan.