Kota Kinabalu flood woes need to be addressed


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As floods beginning to subside, the residents of Kota Kinabalu and its surrounding areas are slowly going back to their routine life.

On Saturday, a non stop heavy rains brought Kota Kinabalu to a stand still following a flash floods in several areas within the state capital.

The torrential rain increased water levels of local rivers, causing them to overflow and flood several parts of the city and surrounding suburbs and villages.

Flood water was recorded as high as 50cm in some streets and houses.

Major traffic congestion caused by the flash flood was also reported at Kolombong, Bundusan Road, and Tuaran Road.

Penampang was one of the worst hit districts as many areas were under deep floodwater as rivers overflowed.

kota kinabalu sabah flooding

According to Borneo Post, villages such as Kibabaig and Nambazan were rendered inaccessible to vehicles. Others included Kolopis, Tindai, Tuavon, Ramayah, Limbanak, Kituau and Sugud as well as Moyog, was badly affected.

Some of the housing areas in Penampang experienced flash floods after just 30 minutes of the rain.

For those residing along the Moyog River, they had to grapple with rapidly rising waters by about 4pm as they rushed to salvage as much of their belongings as possible. Cars had to be transported to higher ground and in some cases, livestock too.

Many residents from Likas, Luyang, Api Api, Kepayan, Putatan, Donggongon and Inanam left stranded from the flash flood in Kota Kinabalu and had to spend the night at hotels.

The flood waters, however, started receding after midnight, but in some villages in Penampang, it was still reported to be high, but below the danger level.

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Borneo Insider reported that Penampang MP Darrel Leiking called for the implementation of the long-delayed flood mitigation measures in his constituency.

The flood mitigation measures was launched by the former member of parliament for Penampang Tan Sri Bernard Dompok on Nov 21, 2011.

Leiking also said that the supposed-to-be solution to the frequent flash floods in Penampang must be implemented to avoid floods from re-occurring.

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