Family of nine in dire need of help to make ends meet

A family of nine living in Taman Scientex, Pasir Gudang, faces an uncertain future after the family’s sole breadwinner, R. Jayarau, 41, began suffering from failing eyesight has since been forced to stop working.

After quitting his job, R. Jayarau and his family lost their only source of income, and have had none in the last three months.

Jayarau’s wife, V. Jaya, 34, expressed her sense of helplessness as the hospital treating her husband is still unable to ascertain the cause of her husband’s deteriorating eyesight.

“We have been living on the bare minimum over the last three months,” said Jaya, who intends to look for a job but is much needed at home to care for one of children, who is disabled.

The family is now dependent on the contributions of friends and neighbours’ for their livelihood. Jaya added that the family is in arrears in paying house rental and utility bills by two months and fears being homeless.

Although the family is now receiving monthly financial assistance of RM200 from the state welfare department, the bulk of it goes towards buying disposable napkins for the disabled child and the rest is used up for medical expenses.

“I don’t know how much longer we can be dependent on the generosity of our friends and neighbours. I hope that the hardship of my family will not adversely affect the education of my five other children,” said Jaya, relating her family’s fate to Komunitikini here, recently.

“I would like to earnestly appeal to any parties who can advise and assist us in a sustainable solution to turn the family’s fate around as the family feels ashamed to keep asking for financial assistance from friends and neighbours,” said Jaya.