The Beer Factory’s crazy women, not crazy after all

Beer Factory Viral Video Busted 4
The infamous duo, who purportedly went crazy, attacking a waiter and a manager for not being able to serve a pint of Guinness at the Beer Factory outlet has come out clean through separate videos posted on YouTube.

Prior to this, The Beer Factory has released a statement saying that the video was indeed staged for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, netizens and public at large have put both the actress under great scrutiny.

CJMY managed to speak to Ranessa Vibar, 22, who currently pursuing Performing Arts in Sunway University.

When asked whether it was a little over the top to hit the waiter in the video, Ranessa said that it (the video) was meant to go viral and it’s achieved that status.

Ranessa Vibar

“I’ve done roles as an insomniac wife who eventually kills her husband; that’s over the top. I have even been a transvestite prostitute on stage. All these roles were over the top. The only difference was that the audiences knew it was staged from the beginning,” said Ranessa.

She also said that she doesn’t need to correct anyone’s perception as long as what happened was not real.

“What is the stereotype for women anyway,” she asked defiantly.

“What does sadden me is that there are actually really bad comments that reflect who they are; comments like ‘this is why we should abort baby girls’ or ‘this is why women should only stay in the kitchen’.”

Beer Factory Viral Video Busted 3

She also extended her apology towards all the people involved in the video but apart from that, she said that there’s nothing that dictates how a woman should act.

“Forget about which gender I belong to or race for that matter. It was a simple viral video that has gone viral indeed. And it has already been disclaimed that it is staged. So let’s all be happy about that.”

Another woman in the video, Narisha Sarah Narendran, 29, said in an video posted in her YouTube page that she is an actor and everything was indeed acted out.

Naresha Surendran

The Beer Factory’s ‘Crazy Woman beats up Beer Factory waiter over Guinness!’video now have had almost 174,000 views.

Earlier, The Beer Factory told CJMY that the video is a work of pure fiction, recorded and produced by them.

They also sincerely apologize to anyone who felt that the video post was offensive or inappropriate, and confirmed that GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) are no way associated nor had any knowledge or input on the planning and the production of this video.

The disclaimer was released in a brochure format carrying Beer Factory’s Arthur’s Day promotion.

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