Artists inspired by fishing village display their artworks at Central Market

Tourism Malaysia deputy director-general (planning) Dato' Dr Hj Azizan Noordin looking at the paintings after launch of Percikan Jiwa at Central Market KL
Tourism Malaysia deputy director-general (planning) Dato’ Dr Hj Azizan Noordin (right) looking at paintings during the launching of Percikan Jiwa art exhibition at Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

An art exhibition by some 30 artists from around the country to showcase Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage is being held at Annexe Gallery, Central Market in Kuala Lumpur until September 27.

The exhibition titled “Percikan Jiwa” features young and established artists, exhibiting 60 pieces of inspirational artworks that depicts local heritage village life scenes of Kampung Geting, a fishing village in Tumpat, Kelantan.

It is jointly organised by Central Market, Kuala Lumpur and Gabungan Persatuan Pelukis Seni Malaysia (GAPS) or Alliance of Malaysian Artist Societies, in conjunction with 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival 2013 (1MCAT).

The exhibition was officially launched by Dato’ Dr Hj Azizan Noordin, the deputy director-general (planning) of Tourism Malaysia.

Dr Hj Azizan said the arts segment is part of the luxury tourism packages which Malaysia is now focusing.

Since its inception in 2010, 1MCAT has become a very important part in the arts industries.

He said: “There are many tourists who visit Malaysia not only to sight-see our beautiful islands and beaches or to feast on our food experiences but are also here seeking out art.”

Dr Hj Azizan said he was in Chengdu, China recently for the PATA Travel Mart and was impressed to see an old factory building converted into a living space for everything to do with arts.

“I believe our Central Market here is a fine example of what they have there and hopefully in the near future we would have something much more bigger than this.”

Dr Hj Azizan thanked the organizers Central Market and GAPS, and the exhibition’s participating artists for their hard work in putting Malaysian contemporary art on the international arena.

Tourism Malaysia deputy director-general (planning) Dato' Dr Hj Azizan Noordin launching Percikan Jiwa art exhibition at Pasar Seni KL
Percikan Jiwa art exhibition official launch by Tourism Malaysia deputy director-general (planning) Dato’ Dr Hj Azizan Noordin.
Orkes Keroncong Conlay plays keroncong tunes sung by Abdul Razak Osman while artist Hamidon Ahmed paints during launch of Percikan Jiwa at Pasar Seni, KL
Art teacher Abdul Razak Osman (left) sings oldies songs with Orkes Keroncong Conlay musicians while artist Hamidon Ahmed paints during the launch.
Hamidon Ahmed with his painting Awan Larat di Kuala Tumpat
Hamidon Ahmed with his acrylic painting “Awan Larat di Kuala Tumpat”.
Launch of Percikan Jiwa art exhibition at Central Market KL
A group pose after the Percikan Jiwa launch.
Nelayan Geting by Abdullah Ibrahim, Kelantan
“Nelayan Geting” by Abdullah Ibrahim from Kelantan using acrylic paints.
Pencak by Ahmad Lothfi, Perak
“Pencak” by Ahmad Lothfi from Perak. 
Geting Menunggu Giliran by Judin Bin Ahmad, Kedah
“Geting Menunggu Giliran” by Judin Bin Ahmad from Kedah using acrylic paints.
Perahu Tua di Pantai by Mohd Shaimy Hahim, Pahang
Perahu Tua di Pantai Sepi by Mohd Shaimy Hahim from Pahang.
Ayah Belum Pulang by Abu Zaki  Hadri, Perak
“Ayah Belum Pulang” using acrylic painting on canvas by Abu Zaki Hadri from Perak. 

During the launch, 70-year-old retired arts teacher Abdul Razak Osman sang oldies songs to guests with accompanying musicians from Orkes Keroncong Conlay while artist Hamidon Ahmed worked on his painting.

Central Market complex manager Cheong Wai Mun said the joint collaboration between Central Market Kuala Lumpur and GAPS provided an opportunity for tourists and locals to explore and experience the cultural landscape of Malaysia through art pieces by the artists.

She added that the link between arts, culture and tourism has been an ongoing inspiration for Central Market Kuala Lumpur which is committed to creating a platform for local artists to showcase their skills and talents in promoting the rich Malaysian culture and diversity.

‘Percikan Jiwa’, a continuation of ‘Percikan Geting’ was an outdoor painting expedition project led by GAPS founder and chairman Mohd Shaimy Hashim and held at Geting village on June 29.

The picturesque fishing village was chosen as the ideal location for inspiration by the members of GAPS.

Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to exciting and vibrant works by some of the best internationally-acclaimed Malaysian artists, both the young and the established, including Mohd Shaimy Hashim, GAPS deputy chairman Dato’ Mahsun Taib as well as senior GAPS artists.

Admission to this event is free and it is open to the public from 22 – 27 September 2013 at the Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe, from 10.00 a.m and 6.00 p.m.

For more details on the exhibition, please visit or Central Market Facebook

GAPS is an umbrella body representing eight affiliated artists unions from states in the country namely – Persatuan Seni Lukis Kelantan (Peseni), Angkatan Pelukis Kedah (APK), Persatuan Pelukis Perak (PPP), Persatuan Pelukis Negeri Sembilan (Pelukis), Persatuan Seni Lukis Dan Reka Cipta Negeri Johor (Serupa), Persatuan Seni Visual Kota Kinabalu Sabah (PSVS), Kumpulan Pelukis Negeri Melaka and Persatuan Senilukis Dan Senireka Melayu Negeri Pahang (Senika).

The award-winning Central Market Kuala Lumpur (or Pasar Seni) is a centre for promoting Malaysian arts and handicrafts products that reflect the true Malaysian culture. It also showcases events of cultural and heritage values to attract both foreign tourists and local visitors.


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