Cancer stricken two year old toddler in need of assistance


Two year old toddler Ravil Rahman is suffering from a cancerous heart condition since he was eight month old and what’s more heartbreaking is that, Ravil is an orphan after his mother passed away when Ravil was diagnosed with the life threatening illness.

The attending doctor is voicing grave concern about Ravil deteriorating heart condition and confirming that the cancerous cells has spread to his whole heart.

Ravil is now being looked after by his auntie, Jeyanthi Periasamy who lives in Paloh, Kluang, said that,  she knew about Ravil’s illness and has been spending most of her looking after Ravil.

“Since the day I looked after Ravil, his father didn’t even bother to come and visit Ravil and it saddened my deeply when pondering over the cruel fate that has befallen on Ravil,” she sighed,

“I have treated Ravil as one of my own children and will continue to look after him as long as I live,” said Jeyanthi.

Sadly, she elaborated in saying that Ravil’s health is in critical condition where even the doctor is not taking any chances to operate of him now.

Jayanthi said, she fervently hoped that the operation can be carried out to save Ravil.

“If the operation can help Ravil to recover I will do my utmost to raise the necessary fund from any sources just to ensure Ravil lives”, she said.

She said, eventhough Ravil’s physical condition is unlike other normal and healthy two-year old toddler, Ravil is very active and playful where I don’t have any problem looking after him at all, adding that, Ravil will only cry when he is in pain.

Currently, I have to carry Ravil and travel by bus from Paloh, Kluang to Melaka general hospital to seek medical attention once a month, Jeyanthi told reporters when met at her house.

“Ravil’s health condition is very much dependent on the medications he is taking which are supplied by the Melaka general hospital” , she added.

“Only God knows how much hardships and grief that I am going through”, she said

Jeyanthi said she did apply for Ravil to be treated in Kluang general hospital but was turned down by the Melaka general hospital due to several factors and she accepted that decision in good faith.

Now all of Ravil’s infant milk powder expenses are paid for by the contributions made by some Kluang NGOs whereas the baby disposable napkins are paid by myself, she said.

“I really hoped that Ravil will be allowed to undergo the operation and I earnestly appeal to the public to come forward to help pay for Ravil’s operation and medical expenses my family is living day-to-day on a shoestring budget and just cannot afford the medical fee,” adding she said.

Jeyanthi revealed that she in fact has to resort to borrowing money from her relatives each time when she needs to take Ravil to Melaka for his medical treatment.

“I fervently hoped that some parties can come forward to help save Ravil as I really wanted to see Ravil to grow healthy and strong like other normal toddler of his age”, she pleaded.

The public can visit Jeyanthi in Taman Murni, Paloh, Kluang or contact Rosnami Sidek, chairman of Taman Murni Resident Committee at 017 733 5598.