Food court location, who blundered?

The public is asking is this a typical case of lack of foresight or indifferent attitude or a combination of both plus others committed by responsible parties that has resulted in a foodcourt being build at a most inappropriate location in Taman Rinting, Masai, here.

Johor Bahru city councillor for Rinting zone, Ahmad Daud said, the purpose of building the foodcourt was to relocate and centralise all small food stalls in a proper foodcourt environment.

He lamented in saying that the location of the foodcourt was really not ideal.

“Initially, there were ten tenants occupying the foodcourt but all have left except for two”, he added, “since then the foodcourt has been left unattended where basic amenities provided in the foodcourt were either vandalised or stolen by irresponsible parties”.

The city council is encouraging local food stall operators who are interested to rent the foodcourt stalls to communicate with the city council licensing department and said that the stall rental will be reasonably affordable, Ahmad told reporters.

Adding further he said, with the opening of several neighbouring shoplots to the foodcourt, more people will be attracted to patronise the foodcourt.

“The city council will continue to provide the necessary maintenance services to the foodcourt when it is well tenanted as for now, whatever faulty or missing amenities that were rectified and replaced by the city council will be vandalise and stolen just a week after”,  Ahmad said.