Kedah leads the way in freedom of religion

Corpus Cristie Procession
Religions can co-exist without politicians


The Community of St Michael’s Church, Alor Setar, was recently filled with pride and joy. For the first time since 1967, the community was able to have a procession outside of its church grounds.

The mid-morning procession saw a crowd of over 200 people walking prayerfully for a round trip of one kilometer along Jalan Langgar, one of the busiest roads in Alor Setar.

The police were present the entire time to ensure public order. A police car in front of the procession led the way for the crowds that followed.

According to Rev Father Vincent Paul, the Parish Preast of  St Michael’s Church, the church had tried several times to have the procession in the past but either the permit for procession was rejected or the weather was against them. He also said that, “It is our resposibility to be witnesses of our faith”.

This procession was a very important mark for the Catholic community in Alor Setar, and a pat on the back for the government in living up to its “1Malaysia” promise of tolerance and freedom of religion in the country.