Ka-ching! Komunitikini accidentally launches My Dua Sen

Beheaded (by technology) Thermos flask from gentler times: inside got kopi / Image by aqthabrown

Friends, Malaysians, countrymen, countrywomen, and city bumpkins:

In our beloved country where opionionating is rife, we present My Dua Sen, a chat show where we don’t have to shout so much because everyone can appear on it!

My Dua Sen is an initiative of Komunitikini, the semua boleh portal of Malaysiakini.

Our first guest is Carol Yip, “money activist”, and we ask her about how young working Malaysians can save money in inflationary times and, more importantly, why it’s sexy to save.

Our second is Temily Tianmay Jaya Gopan, whose dismantling of the Malaysian race narrative is as definitive as her name is lyrical. Unfortunately, she may soon join the Malaysian diaspora, in search, ironically, of home.

It’s all quite rivetting stuff, or nearly almost maybe, even if we do say so.

And as we say in these parts, we hope you are enjoys.

(And we’re sure you’ll tell us if you haven’t.)