RM5million education fund for children of state employees

The Selangor Government will establish a RM5 million education fund for its employees’ children who need financial assistance in pursuing their studies.

MB Khalid Ibrahim said the funds will be generated from sand mining business of Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd.

“The gross profit of Kumpulan Semesta has reached RM24.47 million in 2010 and RM 7.1 million in 2011 so far. Hence, we will take part of the profits to help government’s staffs,” he told some 2000 state employees in an assembly yesterday morning.

He said the Implementation of the funds will be deliberated with State Secretary Khusrin Munawi later.

“Education and human capital is crucial to the state and we want to ensure our children grow up well because ultimately help to build a developed and competitive Selangor,” he said.

“This is a token of appreciation to employees who have contributed so much in helping the government to implement an efficient, transparent, prudent and effective administration,” said Khalid.