Phoneless in Gurun, Kedah

What would he have done if he had landed in Gurun? / Image courtesy of Dreamworks


The residents of Taman Gurun Jaya are concerned about the recurring theft of telephone cables here which keeps depriving them of a telephone and internet connection.

According to a resident, M Manimaran, 53, the residents here, including himself, have repeatedly reported the thefts to the authorities, who then replace the cables.

However, the replaced cables are soon stolen, too. Underground cables are not spared either, as the thieves dig them out.

The seemingly infinite cycle of theft–report–replace… has been on-going for over a year now.  Sometimes the cables are replaced up to four times a month.

Another resident, Lim, 56, said she has not been able to use the internet or her telephone for the last four months. “It’s upsetting that we still have to pay our monthly telco bills despite being unable to really use the service,”  she lamented.

The residents seek a more drastic approach by the authorities.