Nevermind the broadband

The residents really sepak'd the takraw ball


The young and old of the Catholic community in Alor Setar, came together for a day of fun and games on the grounds of Gereja Katolic St Michael, Alor Setar, on Saturday.

It was quite a sight seeing everyone having a fun time playing marbles, ‘congkak’, hop scotch, carrom, checkers, five-stone, sepak takraw, jump rope, darts, and more.

All the games, mostly traditional and not requiring an internet connection, left smiles on all their faces. Some beamed that it had been such a long time since they played these games or saw young children playing them.

“Our young people these days only want to play computer games; it was great seeing them playing the traditional ones (which require psycho-motor skills),” said Alor Setar city councillor, SP Daniel.

Some of the children admitted they had never played some of the games before and had to learn the rules of the games from the elders.

As for the older crowd, their eyes twinkled with child-like excitement as they took their turns to play, and teach, the younger generations the rules of the games that are their childhood heritage.

The youth were all smiles saying that they too had fun playing the games with the elder parishioners of the church.

The games were organised by the Parish Coordinating Council in an effort to create unity and strengthen the bonds among fellow members, and simply to introduce the joys of traditional games to the young.