‘One house 10 fruit trees’ campaign to promote state agriculture produce

The state goverment together with the Agriculture Department and Agro Kedah launched district level campaign ‘1 House 10 Fruit Trees’,  to promote a variety of agriculture produce in the district, thus helping the farmers in the area to increase their income.

Ir Amiruddin Hamzah, Chairman of the Community Farming Committee, said it is hoped that the community in the area would join in the campaign and toil the soil in their home compound, especially those with idle land.

The campaign is geared to promoting fruit trees, the Department of Agriculture will provide the  fruit seedlings to the people via the chairman of the Council of Village Leaders (MKK) who is responsible of identifying the members of the community in the program.

In the initial stage the MKK will be responsible to carry out a quick census in their individual villages to identify the people interested to be part of the program.  Followed by a ‘gotong-royong’ to clear the idle land and have it prepared for planting.  Finally, fruit trees will be planted on the land.

Although targeting 10 trees for each home, the number of trees planted would depend on the size of the land available.  Idle land surrounding the area mosque, and community halls may also be considered for planting fruit trees.

Amiruddin also said, to make the campaign complete, Agro Kedah will do its part in helping the people with the marketing strategies; be it local market, export or for food processing.  However, the owners will maintain the freedom to sell any of their tree produce to a buyer of their choice.