Motorcycle theft avoidable, says police chief

Motorcycle thefts should not be taken so lightly by bike owners, in fact the owners should look into how they can help the authorities prevent their bikes from being stolen.

Kota Setar District Chief of Police, ACP Adzaman Mohd Jan said that the carelessness of the rider is the main cause of motorcycle theft in the district.

He said that the riders should be responsible and make every effort in ensuring that the bike in their possession is safe and locked, using a chain if possible.

There were many cases reported where the bikes were just parked in front of their homes or at a surau.

In no circumstance should the bike be left running or the key left hanging in the key hole, even if the bikes are parked in front of homes or suraus as this will only give the thieves  an effortless opportunity to steal.  This includes bikes that are left for “just a few minutes”.

Adzaman said, the Kota Setar IPD have set up a special task force to combat motorcycle thefts, and since, the number of reported cases have been reduced.

Yet it is still very much the riders and owner’s reposibilty to secure their bikes properly.

He urged the public to cooperate and work hand in hand with the police to stop such thefts.