Bukit Jalil residents claim another incursion by DBKL and police

The residents, the police and DBKL officers

Less than two weeks after a group of DBKL and police officers allegedly intruded into Ladang Bukit Jalil and behaved abusively towards the residents, a similar incident occurred today, and involving a larger group of officers.

According to the residents at the former estate quarters who are embroiled in a court battle with DBKL, 20 DBKL officers arrived with police officers and also Special Branch officers, and began to tear down banners erected by the residents against DBKL and the government.

“They came around 10am and began tearing down the banners, but this time they did not come inside and break any property,” said residents’ action committee member, N Balakrishnan.

Apparently, the presence of a group university students who were doing social work at the estate had alerted the residents early so they could prevent DBKL from entering the estate.

“They notified the residents quickly, and the latter managed to prevent DBKL from entering,” said Malaysian Indian Students Association (MISA) vice-president Gobi Krishnan, who had brought the students to the estate.

The residents had subsequently lodged a police report at the Sungai Besi police station against DBKL and Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister, Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

The residents are claiming that this act, like DBKL’s invasion of the estate two weeks ago, is an act of ‘contempt against court’ as the residents have already an injunction to prevent any form of demolition by the authorities.

“I have shown the injunction notice to a police officer from Cheras who was investigating the police report from two weeks ago, and it clearly states there that the authorities have no rights to demolish anything that is erected by the residents, and this includes the banners,” Balakrishnan said.

The residents had previously vowed that if no action was taken on their reports within two weeks, they would march on Bukit Aman to demand an answer.

The residents are next due in court on 16 June.