Press release: Kyoto Protocol’s long awaited album causes palpitations

In partnership with Monsoon Records, Kyoto Protocol’s long awaited album release aims to shatter false perceptions and restrictive boundaries with their brand of schizophrenic music that has often polarized opinions amongst the populous.

This album is about blurring lines: between music and noise, between art and kitsch; between love and hate.

The 5-track album, the name of which will be revealed at the launch, will feature the stalwart, Pussycat, which has led a fine run in the local charts topped-off by reaching #1 on various radio charts, but also marks the release of the anthemic atypical love song “Gimme Nothing” and “Never Know”: the motown/trip-hop mash up that will stick to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain.

Kyoto Protocol’s album will be launched on the 18th of June 2011 at Havana KL, Changkat Bukit Bintang. The night will feature exclusive collaborations with Noh Salleh (Hujan), Shinji Moriwaki and DJs Ribut 10:59 and Chaseylain of Twilight Action Girl.

Kyoto Protocol forced the uninitiated to stand up and take notice as they were hand-picked to open for MGMT Live in KL in March this year, against all the odds stacked against them. This feat served justice to their humble beginnings, a mere two years ago, when the band was forged by a group of angsty but fun-loving adolescent males.

For the launch party, Kyoto Protocol has teamed up with local social media platform giants StyleKandi and will be running an online contest where attendees of the launch event can win merchandise from the band.

Registration to attend Kyoto Protocol’s Album Launch is still open through their Facebook Page widget (Kyoto Protocol | KP Launch) or the band’s official website