Timber truck endangers villagers of Kg. Punang


Villagers in Kampung Punang and the vicinity are concerned about the danger and damage wreaked by an overloaded timber lorry driven over the speed limit at an oil palm smallholding.

According to The Borneo Post, the lorry was frequently seen entering the area about 2km from their village.

This road, which is narrow and meant for small vehicles only, enables the villagers to access the main road to Lawas town or to their orchards.

The villagers also complained that the overloaded lorry damages the road, which makes it difficulty for them to get to their orchard especially during the rainy season.

There some 60 lots of oil palms owned by smallholders in Kampung Punang who work on the oil palm project under the Youth Agriculture Project of the village at the orchard road heading to Sungai Bangat.

The matter was brought to the relevant authority last week but with no response so far.


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