Malaysian gridlock: 20,000,000 vehicles and counting

The rule of law is dissed everyday on Malaysian roads, due to a lack of respectability of its institutions and public figures / image by asifthebes


Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri has urged Malaysians to support road safety awareness campaigns for all motorists and other road users.

He said this was important given that up to 1,000,000 vehicles are registered annually in the country.

Malaysia, he said, was home to 20 million vehicles.

The deputy minister said the increasing number of vehicles has contributed to the higher rate of road accidents.

“More than 400,000 accidents occur annually, killing 6,852 people or 19 deaths daily on average last year.

“This translates into RM9 million in terms of social costs annually, on average. This is a huge loss for the country,” he added, speaking to reporters here yesterday.

— Bernama