Fines for traffic offences made uniform for 12 local councils

PUTRAJAYA – All compound fines for traffic offences and fees for clamped, towed or seized vehicles under the Road Transport Act 1987 and the Commercial Vehicles Licencing Board Act 1987 have been standardised for 12 city councils nationwide. With the standardisation, double compound fines would be imposed for repeat offences, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung said yesterday.

He said that a maximum compound fine of RM300 would be imposed for an offence that contributed to accidents and traffic congestions, and “it won’t be reduced even if the offender were to pay the fine immediately.”

“All 12 city councils will impose the same compound rate for the same traffic offence. The compound fine for an offence will not exceed RM300,” Chor told reporters after attending the 64th meeting of the National Council for Local Government, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri MuhyiddinYassin here.

Prior to this, the cabinet approved the standardisation of compound fines and re-categorisation of traffic offences with summonses issued by police,the Road Transport Department and local authorities under the Road Transport Act 1987 (Amendment 2010) effective March 1.

“We hope those who have been issued with traffic summonses will settle them immediately so that they will not be issued with more summonses. The longer they wait, the more they have to pay,” Chor said.