NGO assists Mat Rempits in Klang

KLANG – A non-governmental organisation (NGO) is devoting time and effort to help the community by organising community-related programmes focusing on, among others, youths. Volunteers of the organisation, known by its Malay acronym, NGO-TP Malaysia, has so far organised eight such programmes this year.

NGO-TP event organiser, Raja Azhy Zuhaimy Shah, said the NGO, which was established in 2009, was concerned about the “Mat Rempit” or daredevil motorcyclist phenomenon, and is initiating measures in a bid to help develop the youth into productive future leaders.

“We’re calling them ‘Effective Youths’ as we do believe that they have the potential to become better individuals,” he told Bernama when met at a community event in Taman Sri Andalas here today. Raja Azhy said the youths often complained of difficulty in getting jobs and confusion over where to go for skills training programmes.

NGO-TP special officer, Roslan Abdul, elaborated that the organisation has helped to link the youth with institutions, such as the National YouthTraining Institute.  He explained that NGO-TP also advised the “Mat Rempit” on sanctioned motorcycle races, in which the youth might want to participate. Roslan also said that the organisation had forged links with relevant agencies and partners to offer potential jobs to the youth, in particular in Taman Sri Andalas.

“For example, today, we have Mydin hypermarket chain offering job opportunities. And tomorrow government ministries and agencies will be conducting briefing and dialogue sessions with the people,” he said, adding that up to 5,000 people were expected to attend the event. The government bodies include the Health Ministry, Information Communicationand Culture Ministry, Election Commission, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commissionand Royal Malaysia Police.

NGO-TP also deals withissues affecting the disabled, single mothers and the poor.