Fun and games for media at Nikon’s retreat

It was a fun and games at the second Nikon Media retreat held in the Cherating Impiana Resort where 40 photographers, reporters and editors got to personally shoot stills and video using Nikon D5100 and Coolpix P300 cameras.

The media were also treated to a challenging video-shooting contest. Grouped into six different teams, they were given the newly launched Nikon D5100 cameras and Coolpix P300 to capture the most creative and exciting videos using the FULL HD video recording capability of the D5100.

The participants competed shooting traditional handicraft activities such as wau making (traditional Malay kite) and batik painting at the outdoor vicinity of the resort along the beach.

Nikon Digital SLR camera, D5100 was launched on April 5, 2011. The camera features its horizontal swing-out; vari-angle LCD monitor; full-HD movie recording and vari-angle LCD monitor which enables a photographer to capture images from unique viewpoints.

The theme of this year’s retreat was “Save the Malaysian Turtles” and Nikon Malaysia organized a special visit for the media to the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. Here all the media present got a chance to learn about the preservation of the Malaysian turtles, which are becoming extinct.

The 40 media representatives from newspapers, magazines and television stations got a chance to release about 100 newly hatched baby turtles into the sea. Nikon Malaysia played a role in supporting the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary on their mission in protecting the endangered sea turtles by donating money for their conservation efforts.

On the second night, the media were brought on a 15 minute journey; pass the border of Pahang, to an isolated beach off the coast of Terengganu, Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, to spot green turtles as they lay their eggs. The nesting beach is protected from pollution and development as it is critical to the survival of these marine turtles. Here, the members of the media had a once in a lifetime experience where they witness the process of two enormous sea turtles quietly laying their eggs on the beach.

“We have established a closer relationship with the media since organising both the Media Retreat/Workshop. I would like to thank everyone who attended Nikon Media Retreat 2011 for making this trip such an excellent one” said David Ng, general manager of Nikon Malaysia.

The retreat included a presentation by Mahfooz NR on Nikon’s latest range of Digital SLR cameras, lenses and Digital Compact cameras (Coolpix models), the newly launched Nikon Club and also its existing Nikon Professional Services (NPS).

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