Pay quit rent, or have your property seized

The Terengganu Government has extended the deadline for quit rent payment from May 31 to July 31.

At a state exco meeting yesterday, State Secretary Datuk Mazlan Ngah said this flexibility was to enable the people to settle their rent on time.

He said in the first four months of the year, RM9,924,460 or 37.86 per cent of quit rent was collected.

Last year, only RM7,662.448.50 out of RM25,121,642.91 was collected, he said, indicating there was no urgency, on the part of the people, to pay their taxes.

He advised private property owners to take the payment of quit rent seriously to prevent their properties from being seized.  He said, Section 94(2) of the National Land Code & Terengganu By Laws stated that property owners who failed to pay quit rent for three years in a row, risked seizure of the property.