Residents of Taman Indraputra, Kulai, heave sigh of relief


An allocation of RM370,000 allocation has been set aside to rectify severe soil erosion in Jalan Teratai 36/18, Taman Indraputra, Kulai, here, which was reported in Komunitikini recently.

“Rectification works to stop and prevent future soil erosion in the residential area concern started yesterday”, said the Kulai Municipal Council chief whip, Zulkipli Sulaiman.

He said that rectification works on the eroded drain and road had in fact been carried out since April 18, and are expected to be completed by June 27.

“Residents in the affected area no longer need to worry and can continue staying there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the villages Co-ordination Committee for Senai constituency chairman, Tay Chin Hein, said that the problem of soil erosion had been brought to the notice of the district disaster action committee earlier but the delay in carrying out the rectification works was due to the high cost involved.

He said, there are other areas besides Jalan Teratai 36/18 that are also facing a similar danger but these have been resolved by the relevant authority.

“The rectification works in Jalan Teratai 36/18 were delayed while waiting for the required allocation,” added Tay.