Only 108 have viewed the Johor Bahru 2020 plan

Jalan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru

Due to poor publicity, only 108 persons have viewed the 2020 Johor Bahru Town Draft Development Plan up to Friday last week.

The plan, which included land use, public services and general infrastructure for the next 10 years, is by the Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru. It went on display on 20 April and will be removed from public viewing this Wednesday, 18 May.

The general manager of the Johor Bahru Chinese Association, Ku Liang Tong, told Komunitikini he was surprised to find out from the the visitor guest book that there only 108 people have viewed the development plan, which falls under the huge Iskandar Malaysia development plan, and which is expected to affect one million  people.

According to Ku, the development plan is well structured, and provides full information on the development plan and land use for the 16 designated areas in Johor Bahru. It also provides a very thorough plan for a traffic system, and public utility infrastructure.

Members of the public can provide their comments and suggestions by using the public participation form (Borang Penyertaan Awam ). The closing date for submission is 18 May.

The MBJB also sells CD and hardcover book versions of the plan, RM 50, and between RM 150 to RM 300, respectively.

Ku was happy that the Johor Ancient Temple and historical cemetery land and funeral parlour are clearly stated as preserved; the Chinese community had raised and fought for it three years ago.

Ku urged the general public, mainly religious associations, schools, and businesses,  to view the plan now. This would avoid any arguments on development in the future.

The venue of the exhibition is on the 2nd floor ( Unit Jabatan Perancangan) of the MBJB Main Building. Viewing is from 8am to 5pm .

For more details, call MBJB at (07) 228 2549 or  go to