Tribunal president doubts beauty consultant’s competency

The competency of a beauty consultant from a local beauty centre was questioned in the Tribunal for Consumer Claims hearing here yesterday.

Tribunal Court President, Mohd Nasrim Mohd Salleh wanted to see proof of the beauty consultant when she apparently failed to effectively treat the pigmentation problem of Noor Zalina Abdul Aziz, 50, who is a customer of the beauty centre early this year.

In her statement of claim, Noor Zalina seeks for the full refund of RM12,370 which she has paid to the beauty centre.

She signed up for three skin care treatment packages valued at RM5,800, RM4,500 and RM44,500 respectively for ten facial skin treatment sessions per package.

She stopped after completing her second facial skin treatment package after noticing allergic reactions on her face due to her sensitive facial skin and after being told to seek proper medical treatment by a doctor.

Later on, Noor Zalina start questioning the beauty consultant who treated her whether she is a qualified dermatologist to treat her pigmentation problem.

The beauty consultant replied in saying that she is not a dermatologist but a certified beauty consultant after attending a several skin care courses which were conducted by the same beauty centre itself.

Tribunal President, Mohd. Nasrim then ordered the beauty consultant to furnish to the Tribunal Court of all her acquired skin care certification papers for verifications and to ascertain whether she is a truly certified and qualified beauty consultant.

He remarked that a person who has attended a six month skin care training course does not necessarily qualified one to be a beauty consultant competent enough to treat skin problems.

“The Tribunal Court has also been receiving a number of complaints against the same beauty centre in relation to the same issue”, he added.

“I want to resolve this recurring complaints, he said, ” I will be calling the skin care trainer who conducted these skin care courses to explain what products has she been offering to the customers”.

The Tribunal Court fixed the next hearing in June 2011.