JB district: 49 blocks of flats get major face-lift


Four thousand two hundred flat dwellers in four major low cost flats areas in Johor Bahru district are grinning ear-to-ear when their blocks of flats have been given a new face lift.

The forty-nine blocks of low cost flats spread over Larkin Perdana flats in Tanjung Puteri, the Melor and Cempaka flats in Kempas have been ninety-five percent upgraded whereas those in Cendana flats in Pasir Gudang will be completed in two months time.

Some four hundred local youths have been trained for the upgrading work under the ‘Skilled Local Youth’ (BERTAM) programme which was launched by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda) in conjunction with Construction & Industrial Development Board (CIDB).

Out of these, one hundred and sixty trained local youths were actively involved in the flats upgrading programme.

Irda Chief Executive, Ismail Ibrahim said that they are proud and happy with low cost flats upgrading progress as it involves the local youths trained by BERTAM programme.

He said the BERTAM youths training programme is part of Irda on-going effort working in close co-operations with Johor Bahru City Council, CIDB, Johor Land, the State Economic Planning Unit and also the local community leaders.

“The BERTAM programme has yielded many benefits to the communities at large enabling the flats dwellers to enjoy a better and more comfortable overall living environment”, said Ismail in a press conference held here.

Cempaka 10 flat dweller, Mohd Hambali Munadi expressed his appreciation on the upgrading initiative undertaken by Irda where no other relevant authorities have done over the last twenty-three years.

Adding further, he said, now the blocks of flats look brighter and more refreshing.

Another flat dweller, Foo Fei Cun, said he felt overwhelmed by the new face lift to the area with pleasing landscaping and better surroundings.

He said that the residents here will co-operate to look after their new environment from now on.

Whereas Kampong Dato’ Onn village head, Azmi Md. Aris said that this commendable effort will help in bringing the community closer.

These positive changes which what we have been hoping all these years and the efforts undertaken by the state government through Irda and the relevant government agencies have not gone to waste, he said.

He added, the change of living environment creates a more harmonious atmosphere for the residents and encourage them to be better discipline to look after the cleanliness of their surroundings now.