Letter: Perkasa’s Briged Setia Negara sets a dangerous trend

Clan member performing the Nazi salute (for illustration purposes only)

By Haris Ibrahim, President of Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement

As with the rest of civil society, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement is outraged by Perkasa’s move to set up the “Briged Setia Negara.”

Since its inception as an NGO in 2010, Perkasa has increasingly hardened its pro-Malay stance, unafraid of showing its true colours as a fascist organisation.

Therefore, it can be construed that this “Briged Setia Negara” is intended to be Perkasa’s militant wing, the equivalent of the Nazi stormtroopers, commonly known as “brownshirts.”

Therefore, it is incredible that such a dangerous extension of Perkasa’s 1Melayu agenda be endorsed by the Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. The Minister is even assisting Perkasa in building up this “brigade” by providing its members with Rela paramilitary training, uniforms, and presumably other entitlements such as allowance and personal accident insurance.

This goes against all good sense. To use the government’s resources to train what is so obviously a private militia belonging to an organisation that champions Malay supremacy is a betrayal of the rakyat. The nation’s coffers belong to the rakyat, as it is made up of their contributions in the form of taxes as well as the sweat of their labour. To use even one sen of the rakyat’s money to fund such a group goes beyond the pale of good governance.

It also boggles the mind to know that the minister who is in charge of the country’s national security would condone the existence of a private militia within the country, much less provide both moral and material support. Surely he must be aware of PERKASA’s agenda to subjugate all the minority groups in Malaysia under the guise of Ketuanan Melayu in blatant contradiction of the Federal Constitution?

Ibrahim Ali and his followers in Perkasa have brandished the spectre of May 13 time and time again. Doesn’t Hishammuddin worry that with an armed and trained militia, Perkasa will have the means to turn the clock back by destroying the peace all Malaysians have painstakingly built in the years since 1969?

The MCLM demands that the Home Minister rescinds his approval of the “Briged Setia Negara” and personally ensures its disbanding for the sake of national security. If he fails to do so, he must be held accountable for any and all violent incidents involving “Briged Setia Negara.”

There is no room in Malaysia for fascism.


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