The joy belly dance at Persada Johor

A group of belly dancers known as The Arabesque Group, formed five years ago in Johor Bahru will be putting up a show on 11th June at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre at RM 60 per head.

The beautiful ladies were at the Breast Cancer Support Group Centre in Taman Melodies on Saturday, 30 April to explain and show what belly dancing was all about.

They also previewed four of the dances, which will be performed at the Persada.

Belly dancing which started in the Middle East, includes movements such as the shimmy, hip hits, a staccato movement of the hips out from the body and undulations which are fluid movements of the hips, chest or torso in a circular or rotating fashion.

More recently, belly dancing has also been adopted in the West as a fitness program.

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