Dilapidated overhead bridge not under JB city council’s jurisdiction

The responsibility to maintain overhead bridges and bus stop shelters doesn’t necessary fall on the local council as the residents of Meranti flat in Masai found out after several complaints.

The sorry state of affairs of an overhead bridge and a bus stop shelter situated along the Pasir Gudang highway has been the subject of complaint by the public especially residents living around the area who use these public infrastructures.

Siti Halizah Aini Mohd Basiran, a Meranti flat resident said that overhead bridge is being used by many school going children.

She said that a major section of the overhead bridge roofing is missing and has caused a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians especially after a heavy downpour resulting in the walkway being stagnated with water.

The adjoining bus stop shelter roofing also suffered the same fate, she added.

Many parents accompanying their children in waiting for their school buses are complaining as they are forced to be bear the heat and brave the rain.

The deplorable condition of the two infrastructures have not being attended to for almost a year now, lamented Siti Harlizah.

She said, the same bus stop is also being used as a pick-up point for many factory workers.

When there is a heavy downpour, the situation at the bus stop shelter becomes chaotic as everyone is trying to squeeze in to avoid being soaked in the rain.

In addition, she said, the overhead bridge and the bus stop are not equipped with any lighting which is another major cause of safety and security concern.

They have been incidences of attempted waylaid robbery and molestation in the area said Siti Harlizah with a slightly raised tone.

All these while, she said, the residents have been lodging complaints with the Johor Bahru city council on the matter but didn’t receive any feedback.

Meanwhile, city councillor for Taman Rinting zone, Ahmad Daud commented that the maintenance of the subject overhead bridge and bus stop shelter situated along the Pasir Gudang highway is the sole responsibility of the Public Works Department (JKR) and the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) and not the city council.

He added in saying that the city council has no jurisdiction over the matter.

The city council is only responsible on overhead bridges and bus stop shelters located within residential housing areas.

Hence, the residents of Meranti flat have misdirected their complaints which explain why there is no action from us, said city councillor Ahmad.

Nonetheless, he said, the city council will highlight the residents grievances to the two relevant authorities shortly and will urged them to resolve the problems as soon as possible.