Gerimis Mengundang: the movie of the Slam dunk song

Dayang Nurfaizah


Local film director Ahmad Idham is expected to produce a romantic movie inspired by the song “Gerimis Mengundang.”

The song was given a new take by Harvey Malaiholo and Dayang Nurfaizah and was arranged by Andi Rianto from Indonesia.

The film, to be produced by Excellence Pictures Sdn Bhd and E-rama Creative Sdn Bhd, will be shot on location in Sabah and Indonesia with cooperation from industry players from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Md Affendi Hamdan, the executive chairman of E-rama Creative, said that the movie is expected to be received well in Indonesia because the song, which was popularised by the group Slam, was a hit in Jakarta.

The Indonesian band, Slam

“The song Gerimis Mengundang, which is loved by music enthusiasts there, has been translated into 13 Indonesian dialects so we feel that a movie based on the song is appropriate.”

“We hope this film will also strengthen ties between Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the film industry in both countries,” he told reporters after the song’s launch in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Idham said they were still in the process of selecting actors for the movie. He adds that the process will be finalised soon so filming can begin.

“Basically the story is about a helicopter pilot from Sabah, Malaysia, who falls in love with an Indonesian woman who visits her sick aunt on an island in Sabah,” he said.

– Bernama