Children must learn more languages to stay competitive

“Learning and mastering other languages does not mean we are sidelining the importance of our mother tongue and parents should support and encourage their children to pursue the idea of learning more languages.”

Concerted effort must be made to prepare our children to attain higher educational level to be competitive, said MP for Ledang, Hamim Samuri.

Mastering of foreign languages is the stepping stone to a better prospect when entering the labour market, he added.

We should prioritise English as the second language due to its universal usage and the  process must start from young at primary school level, said MP Hamim.

Besides that, we should also encourage our children to learn mandarin so that they will be more marketable in the job employment market in future.

The best and most effective approach in learning a foreign language is to start conversing with the members of the family in foreign language at home besides the mother tongue so as to improve on the vocabulary, MP Hamim was speaking at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Kassan 38th. Annual Parents and Teachers Association Meeting in Ledang. Muar yesterday.

He stressed that mastering English does not mean we are obsessed by the language it is simply because we have to accept the fact the English is a global communication language.

We should reinforced our students in mastering the language besides giving them encouragement to be more self-confident.

Also present at the function were Kampong Parit Kassan headman, Mohd Hamzah Basar, the school PTA chairperson,Padil Md Amin and the school headmaster, Nik Fauziah Nik Yusof.