Break-ins on the rise in Bukit Subang










Residents of Jalan Spektrum, Taman Bukit Subang here fear for their personal safety following several break-ins within the guarded community in the past three weeks.

The latest victim is, Lim Seng Chiang, whose house on Jalan U16 was broken into when he was away from home on Wednesday.

He lost a 42″ plasma television, jewellery, handphones and RM30,000 in cash for the medical fees of his wife.

The entire house, including cabinets, drawers and wardrobes, were badly ransacked.

He only discovered the incident when he arrived home at 11pm that day.

“We saw the doors of garbage compartment at the front gate open, and the front door had been forced open,” he said.





Lim suspects that the burglars might have gained access through garbage compartment.

“I was told by neighbours that they heard some knocking noises at around 6pm, when there was a heavy downpour,”

“One of them even saw my kitchen lights on and a few guys walking around.

“But they thought those people were my relatives, so they didn’t do anything,” he said.

This is already the third break-in in the gated and guarded neighbourhood in this month alone, in spite each resident paying RM50 for the security service every month.

Lim’s neighbour, Hamilah Majin, said that earlier this month, a resident was threatened with a knife by the roadside.

She said in the same week, a group of Pakistani-looking men attempted to break into another house unsuccessfully.

“I don’t know what the security guards are doing. I will instal a security alarm in my house soon,” she said.

Komunitikini observed that the security guards were lax in their duties, as the boom gate to the neighbourhood looked permanently open and the journalist was allowed to move in and out freely.

A security guard, when asked, said no instruction was given to them to bar unidentified cars.

“We were told not to stop any vehicle, but we will take note of strangers’ cars,” he said on a condition of anonymity.

He said the residents’ association should decide what the security personnel should do.

“We also cannot increase manpower because only 102 out of 182 families are paying the fees every month,” he said.