Sabah: 12-Year old cancer patient Elenna in urgent need of financial help for surgery

Twelve-year old Elenna’s family

KOTA KINABALU – Twelve-year old girl Elenna Maijo is suffering from bone cancer and urgently in need of financial assistance to undergo surgery and chemotherapy sessions.

The plight of this young girl’s predicament was recently highlighted in social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp which went viral.

On hearing her plight, an NGO Solidarity Youth Sabah (SBS), took the initiative to visit her at the Likas Hospital last Sunday to meet and aid Elenna and her family.

Elenna Maijo

It was learnt that Elenna, who is suffering from bone cancer has reached stage four and is urgently in need of serious medical attention which includes surgery and later chemotherapy. The cancer is believed to have been caused from injury sustained while playing at school.

Elenna’s father Maijo bin Piok, who is from Kg Maggandai, Kota Marudu, is unemployed and depended on hunting and growing some vegetables to earn a meager income to barely survive and raise his 3 children.

According to him seeking treatment for Elenna is an arduous task as it is difficult to find transport from their home to Kota Marudu town because of the bad and difficult road conditions there.

It cost him RM 50 each time he makes a trip to the Likas Hospital for his daughters treatment not including the expenses for medical treatment, medicine, surgery and other expenses.

Maijo said, apart from receiving BR1M aid, his family has had no other assistance from the authorities and forced to cope with increasing cost of living.

Sabah Youth Solidarity hopes that their visit will bring some moral support, encouragement and hope to Elena and her family. They also provided some financial assistance to ease the burden of Maijo’s family.

They also hope that other agencies and charitable organisations would also come forward to provide assistance that is very much needed at this time by the family in the spirit of solidarity.




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