Thugs engaged to be car repossessors

The still unresolved menace of banks and financial institutions engaging unprofessional individuals as car re-possessors who uses various high handed scare tactic must be addressed by the relevant authorities immediately.

The scare tactics used are uncouth and its outright dangerous to all parties involved including the car-repossessors themselves who can be easily misconstrued as car-jacker or potential kidnapper irrespective of whether the person is officially appointed or otherwise by the bank or financial institution.

One such incident that happened  recently here in Taman Saujana, Kota Tinggi.

A direct selling distributor, Surihana Prayitro Thum, 31, who was returning from Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru after his sales trip had a rude shock when the car he was driving was intercepted by an unknown car at Jalan Niaga 3, Taman Saujana, Kota Tinggi.

“I did not pay much heed to the unknown car who tried to block my car path and I continued to drive on”, Surihana said.

Later I realised that I was being pursued by three unknown cars including the one who tried to block my car earlier.

As I was approached and stopped at the traffic light in Taman Saujana, Kota Tinggi, one of the men from the three cars came and knocked on my car windscreen, said Surihana.

At that time, Surihana was with his brother where both of them were forced out of their car and were told by the man that he wanted to re-possess the car.

Surihana then demanded to see the man’s identification and authority which the man could not produced.

Without much hesitation and for fear of their safety, Surihana went into the car and speed off.

” I could see from my car rear mirror that the three said cars were pursuing me from behind in high speed and suddenly one of the cars banged into our  car”, Surihana said.

I just drove straight and lodged a police report over the incident.

Surihana admitted that he did have some outstanding monthly car instalments but that should not be the way to resolve the matter.

He said that he most disappointed with the bank concern who disclaim any responsibility over the incident.

The bank further instructed us to absolve the cost of damage on my car caused by one of the car re-possessor.

Surihana said, he is very dissatisfied with the turn of event and urged the police to investigate the case and take strong action against the re- possessors.