Cuepacs calls for civil servant pay raise

Cuepacs has called on the government to carry out salary adjustments for civil servants this year to accommodate rising prices
that pose a burden to them.

Cuepacs president, Omar Osman, said government employees had to fork out more than RM500 extra for expenses each month due to price increases amid stagnant salaries. Limited pay would affect civil service productivity, he told reporters at a function, today.

Omar also said that the cost of living allowance (Cola) for all civil servants should be adjusted to RM300 per month, considering that the cost of living in rural areas had increased in tandem with that in urban locations.

Cuepacs also proposes that housing allowance for government employees in grades 40 and below be increased to RM350 per month from the current RM180.

“Nowadays, it’s impossible to find a place with a monthly rental of RM180 in urban areas. Rentals have also increased in rural areas,” he said.

In addition, Cuepacs wants the retirement age for civil servants to be raised to 60 years from 58 years.

– Bernama