“Ah Long” in Johor Bahru targetting casino going elderly women

Ah Long in Johor Bahru has been targeting the elderly women, whom has been frequenting the casinos in Singapore recently.

According to a reliable source in Johor Bahru, the Ah Longs have a very sleek modus operandi.

They will convince the women and befriending them by being very helpful. Subsequently, they will persuade them to invest their pension or savings for higher return of 16% to 17% by giving out a short term loan.

Some of the Ah Long has been said to have paid the women a return of 16% to 17% in order to convince them to invest their EPF withdrawal of RM50,000.00.

Once they invest, Ah Longs will start giving all kind of excuses to delay the payments and eventually disappearing.

According to the source, to date, there were almost 10 elderly women has been scammed by the Ah Longs through this.

The source has warned the public to be aware of the scam.